1. My current teacher at art school wants me to break my ‘style’ - I dont even think I have a concrete style yet but yeah
    Idk how to completely change the way I draw people?!?!?!

  1. van-teeds said: You do have a style, and I have always loved it! however it’s always nice to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new. The outcome can sometimes really surprise you. good luck!
  2. jennyjstone said: Your teacher just wants to challenge you because they think you have real talent. It’s nice.
  3. lonelycanary said: No one should make you change your style (I believe you have a set one, in my opinion) and that’s what I stand for. It’s your perspective and way of seeing things and probably it’s someone else’s when they look at your work. Don’t change :(
  4. sashapadasha said: All your work is cohesive so you must have a style. Its not bad tho. That just means your work is easily identifiable. Ive been trying to find my own style for a while and its hard so idk why your teacher even want you to change anything…
  5. drowninglesson said: I do think you have a “style” and it’s not a bad thing. You’re already recognizable by the use of colors and drawing technique, try something new, but don’t lose the old style in the process.
  6. xxnymphet said: you definitely have a style. In illustration that’s a good thing (in my course they’e always encouraging us to find one).
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