1. how bloody beautiful are these two books

    the left one is ‘photo gallery’ of like crazy 90s japanese fashion

    and the right is an old (60s? 70s?? 80s??) comic book for kidsss - and ITS ALL IN HIRAGANA/KATAKANA no kanji so goooood, i can read it haha

  2. stilll cant believe what happened last night

    im covered in posca marker drawings and words

    and omg

  3. basedgaben:

    My dad credits this as his favorite photo of me.

    When I was younger, I was very socially anxious. I hated crowds, hated attention, hated being up on stage. In preschool there was this little Halloween show that we put on, and man, I did not want to do that shit, let me tell you. All those parents watching me sing some stupid song? Nah, that ain’t me.

    But I was forced to, and I was pissed about it. My dad was in the audience, taking pictures and enjoying the show. In that moment, I swear, my tiny four year old was pure rage and resentment. I felt the word “fuck” years before I knew what it was.

    My dad pointed the camera at me, and I turned, and I looked. I gave him the look that summed up all the anger, all the absolute fury that was brewing inside me. He says that he had never before seen such a perfect depiction of total and complete hatred. In his four year old son.

    To this day whenever I get pissed, he calls me “Buzz Lightyear”.

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    Rodrigo Borges - “Heart”

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    Harriet Lee Merrion, Being in love eases the pain

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    Tássia Bianchini, Studies on paper - Reading Botticelli- 2014

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    DO NOT

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    Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini // Lindsay Lohan

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