1. sorry i havent been on much guys ;(

    still super depressed about art and life and everything and it’s so hard to even pick up a pencil or pen

    and it makes me anxious because theres not much time left and i wanna cry



  3. yiffmebabyonemoretime:


    if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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  4. laughhard:

    In a video game there would definitely be something hidden behind this wall

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  5. gionbaby:

    Kora Kengo (高良健吾) as Ama in “Snakes and Earrings”

    i love this actor so much

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  7. kuinexs:

    NVM Illustration, Bad Bitch #2

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  10. clearlywrong:

    Inner Steps | Celestial Prison

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  11. i went home :( left my studio

    i cant do anything anymore

    i think i should give up, i dont even know why i do art, why do i try so hard when everything i ever do is so shit and terrible and i look at it all now and it all just looks wrong

    and i dont have the energy to keep going

    i need to give up


  13. Anonymous said: Will you share all the research you've done that shows how the US destroyed Ukraine?

    i can but like it’s easy enough to research

    whole propaganda stuff involved in turning Ukrainians against russians etc, supplying the current ukrainian ‘government’ with weapons etc

    i will write stuff, but just cant do it now (no time)

  14. painted the little prince and his lamb

    gouache is so hard to paint with i dont even know

  15. etteette:

    i made miniature versions of two finished notebooks for a still secret thing…

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