1. Finally starting to feel the three different drugs I have to take for my teeth/jaw


  2. Anonymous said: where are all of your piercings?

    Nose ears belly button

    Mostly ears though

    :( I feel so metalless

  3. have to get a fucking xray. haven’t taken all these out in years. I feel wrong. I wanna cry

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  6. weirdoart:


    Taken from Drugs, a volume in the Life Science Library, 1969
    (originally published 1967)

    Background artwork by Donald Miller and Yale Joel, collaged by David Gordon and Nancy Genet

    At the root of Weirdo Art is altered consciousness.

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  7. asylum-art:

    "Electric Blossom" series by Torkil Gudnason

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    Better than Uggs…

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    VI International Youth Festival 1957, postcard by N. A. Kalita (via radimich-ru)